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DayZ: Origins Mod
Origins Mod 1.8 is here!  | Reads: 111

Origins Mod 1.8 Change Log Added:

- Gaika limousine vehicle + stencils.

- Colonel Tent Truck.

- Colonel Fuel Truck.

- New land area added bellow Byelov with customer buildings, dam, submarine base etc.

- Over 300 new loot items including food, drinks, snacks, medical supplies, vehicle parts,

books, tools and more.

- Beer, wine and vodka loot added.

- Sponge Bob backpack.

- Patrick backpack.

- New medic skill system + associated new loot.

- New mechanic skill system + associated new loot.

- New materials.

- New illnesses added.

- Ability to perform self-blood transfusion.

- Metal melting furnace + associated new loot.

- Ability to craft new reinforcement metals with various levels of protection.

- 9 new melee weapons (Baseball bat, wrench, scythe, sickle, sword, hammer, pickaxe,

pipe, shovel).

- 15 new firearms (L85A2 Holo GL, M8, M8 + M320, M8 Compact, M8 CQC, M8 Compact

CCO, L110A1, M8 Sharpshooter, M8 Holo SD, L85A2 ACOG, L85A2 ACOG GL, AA-12,

L7A2 GPMG, G36C SD (camo), L85A2 NVV).

- 11 new quests to develop skills added.

- Foldable bike (can be carried around by player).

- Inflatable boat (can be carried around by player).

- Numerous new enterable buildings added.

- 2 new buildable ladders added for climbing over fences and attacking bases.

- 6 new opened factories added.

- New Novistrana police station variant added.

- New opened saw mill building.

- New accessible destroyer ships added to map, old buggy ones removed.

- New zombie parts loot added.

- New butcher zombie added.

- New mechanic zombie added.

- Winter skin added.

- Corn plants added.

- New train fuel tanker cars added.

- 4 new airplane wrecks added to airports.

- Combine harvester wreck added.

- Submarine wreck added.

- Trolley bus wreck added in Sabina.

- Belaz and giant diggers added.

- New environment sounds added to map.

- Roundabout added in Krasnoznamensk bridge end to make it easier to access bridge

from other side of the highway.


- Blood transfusion system redone

- Vehicle Repair system + associated new parts loot.

- Revamped Sector B.

- Loot on Sector B revamped.

- New Sector B machine guns.

- Revamped fuel system.

- Improved Dr. Ivan's lab.

- New hatchet model.

- Second floor added to police station.

- Police station optimized to improve FPS.

- Military barracks revamped.

- Temperature system redone.

- Food and drink system redone.

- Forests completely redone and tree numbers reduced in southern Sabina and Byelov

area to improve FPS and performance.

- New illnesses introduced + associated medial loot and skills to cure them.

- Ability to disassemble vehicle parts to study them added.

- Ships in ports now accessible from pier via makeshift bridge.

- Some large textures rescaled to smaller dimensions to improve game performance.

- Loot spawn system revamped. - Ability to peak through walls in Dr. Ivan's lab resolved.

- Police station added to Byelov and Etanovsk.

- Krasnozamensk buildings made more space to improve performance.

- Floating ice and ice hidden under water around Novistrana levelled correctly.

- Windows removed on 1 floor shops to allow them to be shot out of and in to.

- Various small objects removed in Sabina to improve performance.

- Wreck numbers reduced on highway from Branibor to Seven.

- Helicopters falling of ships issue resolved.

- Falling through in Sabina train station issues resolved.

- Zombies not being able to leave red factory issue resolved.

- Global FPS optimization achieving up to 10+ extra FPS in previously laggy places i.e.

Sabina, and more FPS in other places.

- Flying fortress MG not shooting/aiming straight issue resolved.

- Martin shopping centre missing textures, buggy collision etc issues resolved.

- Buggy grass around Dr. Ivan's lab issue resolved.

Grass now grows there.

- Glass tubes in Dr. Ivan's lab removed.

- Tunnel damaging wheels in Sabina issue resolved.

- Flying furniture in schools, shopping centres and other buildings resolved.

- Not being able to fire through corners in Dr. Ivan's lab issues resolved.

- Falling through places in Dr. Ivan's lab issues resolved.

- Buoys around oil rigs turning white issue resolved.

- Mi-17 not being able to kill pilot issue resolved.

- Fixed one of the side guns in the Mi-17 Cz. - Vehicle repair menu improved.

- Buhanka fire geometry issues resolved.

- Street lamps in Sabina reduced by 50% to improve perfomrnace.

- Holes in race track walls added.

- M9 pistol weight changed from 9kg to 0.8kg.

- Ability to peak through Sector B walls issues resolved.

- Flashing water in lakes issue resolved.

- Water in lakes correctly levelled.

- Dead soldiers corpse on roads models redone and improved, added Taviana army


- Not being able to get in to Bimmer and other cars as cargo from passenger side issues


- Shadows added to most cars where previously missing

. - Bots not shooting Scrap Bus issue resolved.

- Not being able to kill passengers in Scrap Ferry issues resolved.

- Falling through Casino model in Sabina issue resolved.

- Ability to walk through wall in North Branibor school issue resolved.

- Helicopter not registering roof on Treblyanka NPP issue resolved.

- Walking through walls issues in Treblyanka NPP resolved.

- Black texture on realigns in Molotovsk and Lyubol issue resolved.

- Zombies not walking in to and shadow issues in Vladimir TV tower resolved.

- Ability to swim through bridge leg on Novistrana issue resolved.

- Ability to walk through some hospital walls issue resolved.

- Hiding in grey hotel roof issue resolved.

- Ability to glitch in to room on office buildings issue resolved.

- Crooked tram rails in Sabina issue resolved.

- Missing texture, floating objects etc in Sabina museum issues resolved.

- Missing texture in Sabina bank resolved.

- Not being able to sit in Scrap Buggy as passenger issue resolved.

- Invisible wall in Sabina parliament building removed.

- Bratislav bridge missing railing added.

- Some inaccessible/badly positioned containers in ports fixed.

- Trash cans inside pub in Sevastopol resolved.

- Obshironsk road sign changed to Apshironsk.

- Slavyansk road sign spelling mistake resolved.

- Missing textures on grave stones issue resolved.

- Some cars not lowering when wheels damaged issues resolved.

- Scrap Bus gunner disappearing at 100 meters away issue resolved.

- Holes made in fence around fire station in Krasnozamensk.

- Blood glowing in 2 floor shop issue resolved.

- Ability to walk through walls in Lyepestok red hospital building resolved.

- Missing texture etc in yellow railway station issues resolved.

- Various ground elevation bugs fixed in and around Sabina.

- Ability to walk on air beside escalator in Sabina 2 floor shopping centre issue resolved.

- Invisible house in Grushnoye removed.

- Wreck blocking road on Krk island removed.

- Not being able to get in Taviander as cargo issue resolved.

- Scroll wheel function upgrade missing on fences issue resolved.

- Not able to add players to stronghold issue resolved.

- Not being able to finish building last stage of garage issue resolved.

- Krk island bridges pillars have no collision issue resolved.

- Flying road reflectors around Lyepestok area removed.

- Shadow artefacts on building near train station in Etanovsk issue resolved.

- Dalnogorsk ground showing trough hangar floor issue resolved.

- Walking through walls in Sabina parliament building issues resolved.

- Fire station in Sevastopol lowered to stop braking legs.

- Toilet on the road from Lyepestok removed to Ovisoy island removed to allow for base

building in the area.

- Flying wind clutter removed to improve performance.

- Trees removed from inside the church in Alexander.

- Lag issues in Alexander city resolved.

- Terrain unevenness and sunken buildings in Kameni fixed.

- Missing texture on stairs in Helfenburk castle issue resolved.

- Number of bushes reduced around and inside Alexander city to improve performance.

- Objects disappearing behind windows/doors of certain buildings issues resolved.

- Corrected spelling mistakes in some item names.

- Weight of some items corrected.

- Various stencil names corrected.

- Kamaz Transport name changed to Beast.

To learn about the new features we have added and how to use the medic and mechanic

skills please visit our official wiki:

Posted by PINPOINT on Thu Oct 22, 2015 3:20 pm
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